Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tanks & Shorts Again!

It was nearly 60 deg. on the porch when I All-three-on-porchopened the blinds at 6.00 AM, so the cats were out there all morning. I could dress in tank top and shorts again. This is my kind of winter! It was 75 deg. today!
It was so oppressive that I had to turn on the AC, and it is supposed to start storming at about 9.00 PM.
As there was a 30% chance of rain forecast for during the day, I had scheduled inside jobs. It had been kinda chilly getting into bed when it was 40 deg., so I waited until Ray Headboard-painted 2was here to get my electric mattress pad down from the top of the linen cupboard, as I don’t climb up there when I am alone. We had already agreed that when we did that, we would turn my mattress and repaint my headboard. I do have a regular mattress, mostly because I have nowhere else to keep it, but memory foam one on top of it. (Mindi is storing the box springs for it.)
We stood the mattress up and Ray painted the headboard. Unfortunately, the previous paint and this paint didn’t mix, and started to bubble, so we unscrewed the headboard and took it outside to a work table. Ray had to scrape off all the new paint, then sand it, and this time we used primer and spray paint. It was getting overcast, and the wind had kicked up, so we had to move it into the Barrierworkshop to finish it. Here it is all put back together.
While we were waiting for different layers of paint to dry we solved another problem in the living room. A cat had got behind my corner cupboard, and thrown up a hairball back there. So we fixed that by putting wooden barriers on each side!
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