Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dishwasher Installed. Palmetto Bugs! Dangerous Cords!

Still lovely weather, cool at night, and 70's during the day, so the cats were happy to be on the screen porch.

Not a very exciting day for anyone reading this, but it is for me. Been waiting a long time.
The second little dishwasher, the Danby, is installed and working. So, finally, I could put everything back in the kitchen cabinets. The drain and water hookups are under the sink, and the electrical cord had to be plugged inside the cabinet under the stove top, so those cabinets had their contents all over my dining table!
As you can see my kitchen is narrow, so the door being open on the regular size dishwasher was a pain, hence this change out.

This winter cabin started out being 14' x 34', but was designed so that it could be added on to. That is why the kitchen is so narrow, as my bathroom is behind it. With the current bedroom being a bed-sitter with a hide-a-bed, and a private bathroom. I groomed in the Dog Room, which can be a second bedroom. But when it was expanded into a full time stix and brix, another 22' was added on the front, for a living room, dining room, in the middle, and what I call my Middle Room, the little bathroom, and foyer on one side, then garage on the other. The garage even had a car in it for one night, before it was turned into a workshop. With that big double 42' long RVport on the side, I didn't need to use the garage as a garage. Jay and I had already built the 22' roof on the front, just to keep the sun out, and it was three carports. So the contractors didn't have to do that.

Ray and I debated whether to install the other little dishwasher, the Haier, in their guest house, but decided to wait for a better one like the Danby, or even a Premia, which is a little bit larger.

The next job was to clean out my pet food cabinet in the garage. I usually just have canned food in there, but Kenya had given me several 5lb bags of dry dog food, and I had stupidly, put some of them in there. Well, the Palmetto bugs that usually live in the trees, got a hankering for dry dog food, and had invaded that cabinet. Ray and I took everything out, sprayed with Bengal, which has bug birth control in it, vacuumed, and then washed off all the cans with bleach water. The dry dog food was then transferred to buckets with tight fitting lids, where it should have been all along.

Danger of cords:
Sometimes blinds come with a loop in the strings. Please make sure you cut that loop, as children and pets have hung themselves.

So please make sure everyone is safe today.

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