Monday, November 2, 2009

Just Odd Jobs. Is it Hunting Season Yet?

Another cold morning, so I didn't let the cats out on the porch until later in the day. 
No rain in sight for the next few days though.
I am glad, as I am making a trip to a suburb of San Antonio on Wednesday.

Jay and I got the Danby dishwasher out of the car and I hooked it to the faucet as a portable, just to try it out.   Boy, now this is what I remember, it sounds like a good strong wash, and drains very well.

Jay hung a new blind in one of the windows, and then suddenly said he was getting picked up by some 'friends' and going to Conroe.  So Ray and I delayed the switch out of the dishwashers as we had other things to do.

There was a non skid pad under the rug in front of my kitchen counters, and it had left marks on my kitchen floor. Ray got it all off, but it took quite a while with some Goof-Off.  I put down a new different kind of non-skid mat under the rug.  I hope this one doesn't leave marks on my lino.  Being height challenged, I can really feel the difference when the mat and rug aren't in place!

Then I reminded Ray where, and what, and when, to feed the cats while I am gone.

There was a piece of plastic coming undone inside the sliding door of the minivan, so we fixed that.

As it was so nice outside, Ray painted the outside work tables, ready for the winter.

Then I struggled with paperwork, and paid some bills.  My health care plan is changing, and I had to make a few calls about that. I have to make decisions and call them in after Nov. 16th, and that will be here before we know it. 
I also cancelled my Good Sam Membership, and ERS after 20 years, and went with Coach Net.
I keep a bag packed with some clothes and toiletries for the RV, but now I will have to reduce the contents to an overnight bag.

In the 70's, low humidity, so very nice day.

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