Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day. Prairie Dogs.

What I did on Thanksgiving Day.

It was just the kitties and me for T-day. I could have driven down to my daughter’s house. It is 108 miles there, and 108 miles back, through downtown Houston. But she knows that I won't get on the holiday roads with all the drunks, and for me it a long, weary, tiring drive down 288, when I am alone. Allergy_cat (Small)

When I go down there, on a non-holiday, I take the motor home so that I can stay at least one night. Yes, I could sleep in her spare bedroom, but like most RVers, I prefer my own little familiar nook, and also her husband is allergic to cats.

Anyway, "Every day is a feast day in the eyes of the Lord".

I listened to the HEB Thanksgiving Parade on TV, while I was checking my mail, but some of the singers were so off key, that I had to switch. So I watched the show about Thanksgiving on the History Channel: Very interesting how customs start.

Then I got a phone call, would I help ferry disabled folks from the subdivision to the Food Pantry to pick up their Thanksgiving Dinners?

T-Day-Pantry-boxSo that is what I did. I was even given a dinner for myself. In the lid of the box was this sign. That is nice!

White bread rolls are not really my thing, so I made them into Cheese Rusks in my convection oven, to go with my lunch. Then saved the chopped up turkey meat, corn bread dressing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and cookies for dinner.

I really have great admiration for the folks who spend time away from their families to do this. That is really the true spirit of giving.

Then I found out about this urgent petition, they need as many signatures by the 7th. Dec:

prairie-dogs (Small)

“Defenders of Wildlife is taking the EPA to court over its reckless decision to approve the deadly poison Rozol for use to kill prairie dogs in 10 states across the U.S., but we need your help to demonstrate just how many people are watching and how many people care.

The deadline for action HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Monday, December 7th, so please take action now. Fill out the form below to ask the EPA to do its job and start protecting American wildlife and people from toxic poisons like Rozol.

In addition to killing black-tailed prairie dogs -- themselves a candidate for federal protection -- these poisons will put other imperiled species at unacceptable risk in violation of the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Act and other federal laws.

Prairie dogs have declined by more than 95% from their historic numbers due to habitat loss, poisoning, shooting and non-native disease. And as a keystone species, their decline has had a negative effect on other prairie animals -- including black-footed ferrets, one of the rarest animals in the world.

Rozol and Kaput-D cause prairie dogs to slowly bleed to death -- a cruel and excruciating way to die. These chemicals also set off a chain reaction of secondary poisoning that can kill imperiled animals that are tied to prairie dogs on the food chain -- including black-footed ferrets, swift foxes, badgers, golden and bald eagles, burrowing owls and ferruginous hawks.”

Please sign the petition to stop this cruelty:

Mother Nature will keep the right species alive or weaned out, if everyone would stop interfering.

Jay called about 4.15 pm and asked me if I had eaten yet. Well, I hadn’t, so he said that he and his mother were coming back from a family dinner, and that he was bringing me a plate. I must say it looked a lot more appetizing than the Food Pantry one, so ate that one.

Please pray for Rahma, Southwest Judy’s little black dog, who is in hospital with pancreatitis.

PS. Friday: Rahma went to Rainbow Bridge:

So that was my Thanksgiving Day.

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