Saturday, December 12, 2009

Urgent Help Needed for Ohio Dogs in Auctions. Your Pet Got the Itchies?

This petition needs to be signed ASAP, so we can stop this.  They are having another of these cruel auctions today, but maybe we can stop the next one.
dogauction2 The Amish, and other puppy mills are auctioning off precious little doggie lives like they are cattle and chickens.  Not that I am in favor of the way a lot of cattle and chickens are auctioned off either.  But doggies are supposed to be loved and nurtured, they are our best companions, not like cattle or chickens. 

Just in case you missed the comments yesterday, here are two of them:
Ms. Fiddlesticks said...
It looks like you do grooming, yes? Would love a piece of advice. I have a Maltese, she chews and licks on herself a lot. I buy chews but just carries them around, never really eats them. Her breath smells awful. Got any suggestions? Thanks.
LakeConroePenny,TX said...
Hi Ms. Fiddlesticks. It is mostly from my experience as a vet tech, kennel operator and SPCA foster mom that I can give you some suggestions, not as a groomer.
When a pet is chewing and licking it can be several causes.
One main thing is to look at their diet, and see if it has corn products or 'By-Products' in it. It is not good for dogs, and it is a cheap filler that is used in most grocery store brands. It can play havoc by causing the 'itchies'.

Here is a site where you can review the ratings of dog food, and there is a video about pet food, too.       

Scroll down to the alphabetical list to see how yours rates!

Dog chews are made in different countries, and a lot of them have dyes in them, which can cause allergies. Only buy ones that are made in USA, and have NO dye.
Then, you may not see them, but some dogs are so allergic to one flea bite, that they itch for ages if bitten. All cats and dogs should be on a good flea and heartworm preventative.

As for her breath, that can be caused by eating food with corn in it, as it is indigestible for dogs, or she needs dental work. When was the last time she had a dental check-up? All dogs need to have their teeth professionally cleaned, just like people. The products that say they are to help a dog's bad breath sometimes make it worse, so you will keep on buying it. There is NO substitute for a dental check-up.

Don't forget that dogs and cats should not have onions, grapes, raisins or chocolate. Very toxic for them.
If you want to reach me by email: LakeConroePenny at

I hope this helps, Penny.

Flea allergy usually shows up on the base of their back, close to the tail, the hair is usually courser, and more scant.  That is where they will bite and scratch the most.   Fleas cause tapeworms, if ingested, so it is important from that stand point, to keep them flea-free. A regular worming product will not get rid of tapeworms, it takes a special medicine from a vet.
By the way, just because a vet sells pet food, it doesn't mean that is the best for them.  It is all about the money!!
There is another video about commercial dog foods on this page.  It is touting a dog food book, but if you Google what he is saying, you will find out that it is true:

It’s all about the doggies today.


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

That was a wealth of information. Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you, Ms. Fiddlesticks, but it is not my knowledge, it is all there online.

I have had to do research for finding out about allergies and the best foods. We, SPCA, get doggies in with terrible skin problems from bad diet, so we have to know what to feed them. Sometimes that is why they are surrendered to us, just over feeding them the wrong food! The itchies often makes them have an odor, too, so people give up their pets when it was their fault, not the pets.

I hope your little doggie gets over it's itchies soon. It is distressing for dog and it's family.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX