Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cooler Morning. Insulated Front Wall in Coronado.

I was up most of the night, coughing. When I opened the patio door to the porch early this morning, it felt hotter out there than in the house, so I quickly closed it again. This coughing comes in spurts, and breathing hot air is one of the triggers. That, and sudden unexpected sinus congestion. Allergy capsules seem to help, but I have no idea what starts it.

The forecast was for 101 deg. today, so Jay and I were pleasantly surprised to find it still in the 80's this morning at 10.30 AM when we started on the Coronado. Jay had spent a lot of time watering his plants and grass this morning. Then he had to clean up the greasy mess he had made frying the chicken on my porch last evening. That is why we started so late.

We had expected to turn on the AC in the Coronado while we insulated, but with the fans going, it wasn't too hot, as it was overcast. We got most of the front wall done, until we ran out of insulation. Some places we put two different thicknesses in there to fill up the space.

The sound of fireworks has been noticeably absent. There is a ban, and I am glad. These dry old pine trees would go up like tinder boxes.

Thank goodness, I got a cough-free nap today.

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