Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Customer Support. New Window. New Scam?

I let the cats out on the screen porch first thing, but by about 7.30 AM it was rolling humidity into the house, so I called them in for their breakfasts, and closed the house up again.

Ray sanded and painted the old bondo-ed holes for the window on the Mirage, while I went to get Jay.

Jay and I spent another hour on the phone with his prepaid cell phone company, this time with a very nice English speaking lady. We had spent over an hour with them yesterday, with a man neither of us could understand! We didn't want to lose her, so we held on for ages while she got the problem solved. Success.

Ray and I had already worked out our plan of attack on this window. None of us wanted to see it crack, like the last one. Ray would be on the outside drilling the holes into the Mirage, through the pre-spaced and pre-drilled holes in the Plexiglas, while I held the window bowed at the right curve, and put the rubber washered little bolts through the holes. Jay would be on the inside screwing on the lock washers and nuts.
Another Success.

Beware of a new scam, or maybe it isn't new, just re-vamped!:

I know, I should read up on Tiny URL's! One thing I noticed in this article was that you can make it so that once they have your check routing #, or card #, you need to put a stop on them from getting any more money from you, without your knowledge.
I wish I had known that, with a situation that I got myself into a while back. At least I caught it before it became a recurring deduction from my account. These scams always seem to be so genuine with well known logos and everything. Just be careful.

Have a safe day.

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