Thursday, July 9, 2009

Carpenter Bees. Claudia Home Tomorrow

Another warm morning, but the cats enjoyed the porch for a while, until I had to close everything up again, and turn the AC back on. I never leave any animals on the screen porch unless the house doors and windows are open, so I know how it is out there. I might get busy and forget they are out there in the heat or cold. It was very humid as it had rained again last night. Good, that saves watering everything.

Ray wasn't going to be working again, today, but MaeMae and I went to get Jay. He vacuumed out the mess he had made in the back of the Puddle Jumper when he hauled his plants up here to re-pot them. He decided to cook his breakfast here, as his stove isn't hooked up yet.
As the Puddle Jumper was already out of the RVport, I moved the minivan and Mirage out of there, too, so that we could start de-beeing the RVport. I had noticed that the carpenter bees had been feeding on my RVport roof timbers again. Their masticated wood and poopy was falling on the vehicles. Jay got on a ladder and sprayed wasp spray at the holes they had bored. It was really the wrong time of day to that, but there isn't anyone around in the evenings to do it, and I don't get on ladders when I am on my own. With a 12 foot high RVport, and at some places it is two stories high, and even though it is not the 'green' way to do it, I was hoping that the long shooting wasp spray would have a residual effect.

We heard that Claudia is coming home tomorrow, just about recovered from her liver transplant. So I presume that she will be resuming the care of her dog, MaeMae, and her 50 year old baby boy, Jay!

That is about all that got done today.

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