Friday, July 17, 2009

73 at Noon!! Phoney TV Shows.

It started out warm and humid so I brought the cats back in for their breakfasts. Neither Jay or Ray were here, and I was busy vacuuming baseboards when I realised that it was overcast outside instead of bright sun. When I looked out to the porch there was rain dripping off the roof, and the thermometer out there was in the 70's. I couldn't believe it. I looked online and the weather station just across the street from me, said it was only 73 deg. at noon.

Now about Wes on The Bachelorette.
These reality shows are so staged it is ridiculous. He happens to be Jay's sister's son, so I know a little about Wesley. It was said ""This DOG has been bangin' around bars in South Texas for a long time. That wasn't his home in Austin he took her to, it was a house rented by the network. This dude lives in a trailer in Huntsville. ""

This is absolutely untrue. He lives in Austin, and his parents were both high powered real estate brokers, who have a lovely big house in a beautiful neighborhood there, and another really fancy log cabin on Lake Buchanan, in the Texas Hill Country. They depicted Wes as a heavy drinker, which he is not. A lot of people said that he was on the show to further his band career, and had ulterior motives. He went on there genuinely to get to know Jillian, but he was very put off when she wanted to smooch with him after she had been kissing the other guys. He was very upset when the producers of the show wanted to make him into a 'bad boy', just to put interest into the show. So don't believe everything that is presented to you, it is all about "ratings", and the almighty dollar!!

Today was a lovely cooler day.

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