Monday, July 20, 2009

Java 25099! Dr.Appt. Sinusitus. Shopping.

"They" keep on saying it is going to rain. Yesterday evening I was going to turn on the sprinklers to the front grass, and Ray said "It is going to rain". It sure felt like it was going to rain, so I didn't turn them on. Later it thundered, but still no rain. Well, just 5 drops on the pathway, I counted!

This morning when I turned on my computer it said that I needed to install a Java update. But it wouldn't install, came up with "Error 25099 Unzipping core files failed". The Java help section said to un-install other versions of Java, so I did that. Then I couldn't get Java installed no matter what. I tried the several suggestions for Error 25099, and still no Java. So to get on chat, tonight I will have to fire up my laptop. I dislike that thing.

My doctor appointment is this morning, so no work today. Jay wanted to go with me, as I was going on to the next town's Hobby Lobby to see what I could do about attaching the drapes to the commercial carpet lined ceiling in the Mirage.

The doctor said that the CAT scan showed that I have sinusitis and prescribed anti-biotics for another month, and also to take an allergy pill each morning. She said that the membrane between the sinuses and the brain is only paper thin, and demonstrated it by poking a pen through a paper towel. Apparently several people die each year from ignoring chronic sinusitis when that membrane gets punctured and causes a fatal brain abscess. I am feeling alright, never had any sinus pain, and I think she is being an alarmist.

But they still made me an appointment to see an ENT specialist. I did a search on sinusitis, and some bright spark said the remedy was to inhale Coca-Cola!!

But I did find out that my earlier uncontrollable dry cough was caused by a sinus infection from that cold I caught while I was grooming Mindi's poodles in my very cold grooming room. The cold was the only thing that would stop Sheba, with the collapsed trachea, from coughing. They left here on the 6th. of May.

We bought a few bargains at Krogers, while we waited for my prescription for the anti-biotics, and the month's supply for them cost the same as the two week supply that I just took ??

Another hot day.


Jim and Dee said...

And people really believe everything they read on the internet. I feel sorry for them to use "coke". I hope you get better real fast.

Jun said...

Yeah, people will believe anything online anymore, which is really sad. So I'm hoping that nobody takes this seriously.