Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AC in Coronado Working. Look at $1!!

Another warm morning, but the cats still enjoyed being out on the screen porch first thing this morning. But they were ready to come in at 8.00 AM for their breakfasts. In fact the only way I can herd Patches, is with a bowl of food. Mime and Bobcat come when they are called.

Ray was busy getting his car in the shop, as it was acting up. MaeMae and I drove down to get Jay when he called and said he was ready, but we didn't start work right away. He prefers to use my house phone to make calls, obviously, as it saves him minutes on his cell phone. We were supposed to go pick up his prescriptions in the next town, but they weren't ready. Then Ray and I did our bookkeeping, so I didn't even get started until nearly 10.00 AM. Jay turned on the AC in the Coronado, and we got all of the first layer of insulation in the front wall. Most of the second layer, too.

Here is a bit of interesting info about the dollar bill:

This little doll house is made out of cake, someone had a lot of time on their hands.

The Xrays of my head showed that I have some thing wrong with my sinuses, and now the doctor wants me to have a CAT Scan. Whatever next!

There should be a rainbow somewhere as now it is a sunny and rainy day.

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