Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mirage again.

Ray and I turned on the AC in the Mirage, and got the plumbing done in there. I had picked up the new drain yesterday at the RV store, and we also installed a city water hook up, as it didn't have one. We had already plumbed in the new faucet.

My cough/cold/ sore throat thing is still getting me down, and we quit at 11.00 AM. I am stiff and sore from climbing in and out of the Mirage to get different tools, screws, or whatever.

I had to go into town to get some cat litter and dry cat food, and Jay needed some groceries too.

He cooked his chicken in my electric skillet, on the porch. I fixed some veges in the electric pressure cooker. But just didn't feel well enough to eat.

Just a lazy day.

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Sandra said...

Have you tried an allergy medicine? I'm still fighting eye allergies up here. They're really annoying!