Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fixing Java Error 25099. Mirage. Shih Tzu

It still felt like it was going to rain, but Mother Nature would only throw a few drops at us. So I watered the grass, and turned on the underground waterer to the privet hedge and aloe plants. Now it will rain!

Jay went to the Medical Center in Houston with his mother, Claudia, for her weekly blood tests. They keep a very close watch on transplant patients.

I had an answer from Chris Guld of Geeks On Tour in their forum, and she put me on to a site that had several suggestions for my Java problem. This is the one that worked for me:
""> I found the way to fix this problem.> Go my computer> Open (C:).> Go to Program Files.> Find Java Folder and delete it.> Then after deleting java folder go to your Recycle Bin and delete it from there also. Then go back to java.com. OR Link below: http://java.com/en/download/inc/windows_upgrade_xpi.jsp & Download JAVA. That is how I fixed this problem for me.> MY COMPUTER IS WINDOWS XP!!!!! I DIDN'T GO TO WINDOWS TASK MANAGER TO> DELETE ANY JQS.EXE. I DIDN'T FIND ANY JQS.EXE UNTIL I WAS ALREADY DOWNLOADING JAVA AGAIN. I DIDN'T TRY DELETING I LEFT BE.""
Really, to you, it would have been obvious to do this, but little old computer illiterate me, didn't even know where Program Files were!!

Sad. A close friend of my daughter just died of cancer. Her little old Shih Tzu is left there all alone in the house, with the lady's daughter coming over to feed it, and let it out to pottie. The Shih Tzu/Llasa Apso Rescue is full. They just had to rescue a bunch of puppy mill dogs in bad shape. Every one of their foster homes is at capacity. Please make sure you have an alternate home for your pet, should anything happen to you. Poor little Pumpkin may have to go to Rainbow Bridge. http://www.indigo.org/rainbowbridge_ver2.html

Ray and I were looking at another two of the jobs that really need to be done to the Mirage. The light up near the over cab bed needed to be replaced, but when Jay had tried to do it, the fabric covering the center panel that hides the wiring got messed up, so now it will have to be recovered. The other job is to replace the screen in the back door window. We decided that we would do the panel, in the Mirage's AC, as it was too hot to think about being outside taking the window out.

This is the ceiling with the panel removed. The old fabric had been foam backed and it dripped old yellowy brown foam powder and bits all over us, and the rig. So I had to get the shop vac. There is another light on that panel that we never could get to work, a florescent one. I got the bag with the electrical tools, and we tried to test to see how far there was juice to that light. It seems that the light is defective, so we cut the wires to it too. I was "gopher", and after many trips all the way across the front of the house from the RVport to the workshop, I was worn out.

By the time we had cleaned that up, and the fabric cut, we called it a day.

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