Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pine Needles.Coronado Stove.TX Yard Sign & Mailbox

This morning we finally got some more work done. It was cooler, still humid, but with a breeze, so it was a good time to get these jobs done.
Ray and I sacked up the pine needles that I had raked up the other day, and a bunch more, into really big sacks. These aren't Lawn and Leaf Bags, they are a lot bigger than that, but they are not very strong. The burn pile is looking ugly, and as we still have a burn ban, we couldn't burn it. But this new batch of pine needles just had to be put somewhere, until we can burn them all. So we stored the bags in an out of the way place. We stacked and hid some old lumber from the Coronado, also waiting for the burn ban to lift. I sure do miss our dumpsters, I preferred them to this
curb service.
Then I moved the TranStar back into the nice clean driveway, and we checked the fluids and Ride Rite Air Bags air pressure.

The Coronado buyer didn't want the stove or fridge, as he had his own. It is a vintage stove, so it should sell to someone restoring a vintage trailer. We spent quite a long time cleaning it up. It was greasy, as the old guy that stayed in the Coronado before he went into the nursing home, hadn't cleaned it very well. Some Easy Off, and plastic scrapers took care of that. I will get some black High Heat (engine) paint, and paint the sides, which don't show anyway when it is built in, but it will make it look better. We had to clean it before we could put it anywhere, while it is waiting to be sold.

Didn't get the Mirage drapes hung again, today.

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