Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rained all Night. Shopping.

It was raining hard in the night, I was up coughing so I heard it. I finally took an allergy tablet as I knew that would stop the coughing.

Abe Lincoln looks very at home with his old Winnie! Complete with butter churn!

When I got up I spent some time on the computer making sure that the Diphenhydramine that I had taken early in the morning wouldn't interfere with my antibiotics. I seem to be a little better, and there were no side effects.

No work today, so I spent the time changing sheets, laundry and mundane stuff like that. After lunch I picked up Jay and we went to the next town to get a few things. Also I had to mail off some more aloe plants.

Jay had broken one of his windows, and he got Plexiglas to replace it this time!

This lady pilot will be fine as long as she didn't pull out the 'choke' button on her dash, to hang her purse. I saw a woman do that in a car, and she wondered why it used so much gas!

Mostly a putzin' around day.

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