Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plexiglas. Then There Were Three.

One of the things on my list yesterday, was to get a new piece of tinted Plexiglas for the one that cracked when we installed it on the Mirage. It is the one on the curb side that cracked.

Also I needed to retake the pictures of the Mirage for the ad. I had taken them in full blazing sun, and they just didn't turn out right. So I backed it out where there was still a shady spot, and took some better ones. But quickly put it back in the cooler RVport so that we could work on it.

I opened the big gate at the back of the RVport. It doesn't go anywhere except my little sitting patio, but it lets a breeze go through there. Jay and Ray got all the nuts and bolts out of the old cracked window, Ray outside, and Jay inside the Mirage, then Ray had to leave. As it is Ray's job to bondo the old holes, so that we can start again, Jay and I busied ourselves with some other odd jobs. We did get the template, and drill the new properly spaced holes in the Plexiglas.

Then I bathed and groomed MaeMae, and took Jay and MaeMae home to their Mom, Claudia.

So at dinner time, there were just three little bowls today.

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Jim and Dee said...

That's great that Claudia is back home. Great work on the Mirage!