Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mirage Ceiling Panel Up. Pathway. Coronado

I didn't start re-taking my anti-biotic pills until this morning. They are so big that they won't even fit in my pill cutter! I have to cut them with a knife and even swallowing half of one at a time really takes some doing. I have just gone through two weeks of this, and now another month. I started the allergy pills, too. I hadn't wanted to start them on a day that I might drive, to see if they would make me drowsy. I hope they aren't the kind that stop me from sleeping tonight.

Finally Ronnie came to finish putting an edge on the pathway in front of the screen porch, so that the blocks wouldn't slide. Here it is a while ago, and now.

The timbers, 4 x 4's, that we used are both painted white halfway, but we can paint the rest, so it will look like a white edge. The grass will grow back, and I think it will look good.

Here are pictures of my Red Maple tree that I am growing for shade on the house. One was taken last Spring, and now the other one today. The bird feeder was cemented in next to it when it was a baby, so that it wouldn't get run over or mowed down. It also helps support it. I wonder if it will give the house shade in my lifetime?

Wonders of wonders, someone saw my listing in Tin Can Tourist for the 1947 Westcraft Coronado travel trailer, and is coming to see it this weekend. They want one they can finish out themselves. That is fine by me, as I have enough to do. I hadn't intended to do this much to it, and I will be glad to let someone else finish it out. That is as long as they don't think that I am going to give it away!!

Ray and I got the newly re-covered center panel up in the Mirage ceiling. It was a job, the fabric kept on wangling around on the screws if we weren't careful. We had poked holes through the fabric with an icepick, but had to make them larger with a punch. Then Ray had to look above the panel, with a light to find the screw holes for each one while I screwed the screws in.

We were beat after getting one light installed, so we called it a day.

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