Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mirage. 33rd. State, 33rd. Day Fishing

Another hot one, but it seems that we are going to have some days down to the low 90's soon. Forecast is that it might rain tonight, and a 30% chance the next few days.

Ray was delayed a long time by an overturned 18-wheeler when he took Shay to work, so we didn't get much done on the Mirage today. I sure hope no one was hurt. We mostly touched up a few places, and he added more Dicor to the top window. It was too hot to go up to my attic to look for drapery rods that would work on the curved top windows.

I didn't hear from Jay today, but he might have gone down to Houston's Med. Center with his mother. She has to go there once a week for blood tests. I wish they would make up their minds. Twice they have said that she is also diabetic, and twice they realised it was her meds giving a false reading. MaeMae has a doggie door there, so she will be fine.

The father and son are on their 33rd. state, and 33rd. day of fishing. That must be a hard thing to do, and they must be getting worn out.
They had some trouble with their Winnie View, and came across a mechanic working late at a Freightliner place at 11.00 PM at night. Fortunately, it was just a leaking oil filter. They must be blessed. But they still had to drive to the next state that night to keep on schedule.

They should be in Montana today.

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