Thursday, July 23, 2009

Allergy. Muffie. Coronado.

More rain forecast, so we had hot muggy weather, but only the usual 5 rain drops on the pathway again.

I hadn't slept well, it must have been the new allergy pill. It has Cetirizine in it, I must remember not to take that again. When I got up, every muscle in my body was hurting and crying out, and my head was stuffed up worse than usual. Several medicines do that to me, including statins, so now there is one more on the list. I was dragging around all day. Strange, as I can take allergy medicine with Diphenhydramine in it, and that was the only thing that would stop my coughing.

Muffie, Claudia's neighbor's dog, arrived for me to board in the house with me, as they have gone to the casino. Muffie and Mime, my foster cat, declared war, and if they could have got to each other through the glass door, I know one would have really been hurt, probably Muffie. They each tried to get past me to get at the other, but I was ready for them, and did my leg blocking shuffle tactics at the door when I went in or out of there. To remind everyone not to open that door, I pushed a cage up against it in the dog room. So now we have to go around the other way to get into the dog room, or the little bathroom, as there are two doors to get to it that way. When I say "submarine", everyone knows to close a door behind them, before opening the next one!! Funny, as Muffie and Bobcat will lie next to each other on my bed. Then I picked up Jay and MaeMae.

With a man coming to look at the Coronado tomorrow, it got put back on the front burner. Ray and I cut, made, and installed this patch to replace the awful looking painted one that was on the trailer front door. We had to wait until I could go into town to get some special size screws for attaching the lock itself on the inside. Then the handle will be straight. We got the back door patch ready, but didn't get it attached today.

Jay has been all gung ho to tear up the last piece of floor that needed replacing, and had already moved the freestanding fridge. But cleaning up the place, stacking the closet wall, doors, and putting all the cabinet parts in a neat pile was more important. He vacuumed and straightened up in there, and now it looks tidy. I sure hope it sells, so I won't have to fool with it any more.

Even though I was still feeling stiff and sore, I knew I had to drive into town. I was so glad when Jay said he wanted to go too, as I just didn't feel right. I had to get money for Ronnie's work yesterday, and get the screws and nuts for the door lock. (Well, and some TP!) Now, this Coronado was made in 1947, and they didn't have Phillips head or hex head screws then, so the lady at the hardware store really had to look for straight slot ones the right size.

I hope I feel better tomorrow, than I did today.

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