Friday, July 10, 2009

Brosnans & Whales. CAT Scan. Do You Know Your States?

Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely, are supporters of things green.

Here is a video of his speech:

Here is a video of what sonar is doing, and killing marine mammals:

Today was my CAT Scan day, so no work today. Also, Jay was staying home to greet his mother. Claudia, for the first time since her liver transplant, is finally released to come back to her own home, after staying at her daughter's house all this time.

I left early for my appointment, as I had things to do on the way. Fortunately, at the hospital I found a parking space under cover, so that made a big difference. It didn't take too long, and then one of my stops was WalMart. The van was terribly hot when I got back in it from being in the sun, so I didn't even want to think about stopping and parking anywhere else. Even though I put up good windshield shades, leave the windows cracked a little for cross current, and have dark tinted windows, it is just awful to have to park it anywhere after midday. Sometimes I think I will put a solar operated fan, with an on and off switch in the roof, to suck out the heat while I am in a store. I guess I will get the results of my CAT Scan next week.

Here is a neat, educational, little game to play with your grandkids:

Another 100 deg. day!

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Sandra said...

Hope all goes well with your scan!