Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coronado Sold!

It is still hot and muggy, and the grass has to be watered to keep it green. We get a tease of a short drizzle and that is it. I wish we could have more.

Ray, and Mike, the future Coronado owner, arrived at 9.00 AM, and so Ray and I worked on getting the door locks back on the trailer, so it could be towed to San Antonio. Mike had bought magnetic lights, and ran the wire all the way to the tongue so that he could plug it into his SUV. He had bought some longer bolts, so after a lot of filing and grinding on the spindle that goes through the door lock, we got it to fit. Someone had welded part of that spindle on there, and we had to grind off the part that was too fat. Mike didn't want the big 110v. fridge that was in there, so we took it out to lighten his load.

He had wanted to give a check me on his company's account, and I wasn't thrilled about that. I took him to my bank in town to see if they could do a bank tranfer or something. As it happened, it was the same brand of bank where he also has an account, but not the one for his company check. So he was able to cash a check there for most of the amount, and then I just had to take a smaller check off his company account. Whew! I was happy, so I moved my motor home from in front of the Coronado, so that he could back up to it. I have owned that trailer three times since 1968, and he is going to restore it to it's orginal greatness.
Here is the stack of cabinet fronts, doors, drawers, and wall panels he has to work with! He promised to send pictures.

The space where it was, is covered in pine needles and leaves, but it was too hot to rake that today.

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