Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally at Dr. Again.

This morning there wasn't a blast of hot air when I opened the screen porch door, so I let the cats out there, until their breakfast time.
I tried to call the Dr.'s office at 8.00 AM, but there was something wrong with their phone. So Jay and I swung by there, on the way to the next town to get the insulation. They said if I waited, I could be seen. Great!

The nurse took my weight, temperature, blood pressure, all normal. My doctor examined me, looked in my ears, nose, throat, listened to my chest, and sent me down the hall for X-rays of my chest and head. The X-rays showed that I hadn't blown my brains out with all this nose blowing, but that there was some congestion. Also in my chest. So more chemical prescriptions, which we left to be filled at Krogers while we went to the next town.

I have to take a different antibiotic for 2 weeks, (a "fortnight", in Brit), but I didn't pick up the anti-cough tablets, as my insurance didn't cover them. But my doctor had some samples of the sinus spray.

So I should be on the mend soon.

Hopefully, a healing day.

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Sandra said...

Love the joke, Penny. Sure hope these pills make you better!