Friday, April 18, 2008

Dryers and Compressor.

After we worked on it the other day, the dryer in the guest house dried one load of clothes, and then quit again. We had replaced breakers, and even loaded it up in the Puddle Jumper, for the second time, and taken it to the repair place, where they could find nothing wrong with it, again.
Today was the day that Jay, Ray and I had arranged to investigate.
Now I am the member of The Lady Gopher's Union, so it is always my job to go back and forth to the breaker box to turn on or off the power, back and forth to the workshop to get different tools or parts. We checked at the outside breaker box, then the inside one and they both had 240v. We finally determined that one side of the 120v., that make the 240v. was dead, at the outlet. More testing and probing again, then took the outlet apart, but that one wire was deader than a doornail. So we took the whole wall panel and insulation board down looking for the cause. Never did find it, so we just ran new wire to the outlet, and figured that some critter, mouse, ants, or something had chewed on the old one. That got the dryer working. Great !

Now we just have to find out why Jay's mother's dryer quit after coming out of the repair shop with a new belt and bangs. Now it doesn't heat. Maybe we have a "dryer bandit" mouse around here. He had better leave mine alone, it has had to dry everyone else's clothes.

Next on today's list was getting to Sears, a few towns away, to get a compressor that Jay wanted, as it was on sale starting today. His mother was out of town, so I was the one to take him. He still hasn't taken his driving test, or got his truck fixed. We drove down to the mall and got the compressor, and then walked around Sears looking at other items that were on sale, and then in the mall looking for something decent to eat. Jay had told me he was going to take me to The Olive Garden for driving him all the way to Sears, but that didn't happen. Finally settled on taco salad, and an egg roll each, and then drove back, as I had two little doggie boarders to let out.

I should have worn my pedometer today.

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Anonymous said...

Well glad to see the dryer working. I know sometimes tracing those electrical problems can drive you crazy!!! I have had the same thing happen to me and I almost tear everything down to locate it...and then I find out it is really something simple and you feel bad.