Friday, April 25, 2008

Insurance, T.T.L & That's before you buy any gas !

Yesterday, Jay had left a message on my machine that he was bored with not working, was not drinking, would I pick him up this morning ? So when he called again, I said that I would. And I did, and he was ready. But what he didn't know was that I was going to the next town to get the truck title in my name and the tags. Jay likes to ride along anyway, as I can't leave him to work on anything without supervision. I did give Ray some little jobs to do while I was gone.

We had to go in the Puddle Jumper as it is very obvious that the new truck windshield has just an inspection sticker, and not the one for the tags, too. First, I stopped at my insurance company, where they had the insurance binder waiting for me, as I had called them before I picked up the truck yesterday. Just a little pain in my right hand writing the check. Then on to the county office and that all went without a hitch, except for another little pain in my right hand, writing that check !

We went to a thrift shop that is near the county office, and I bought an embroidered sailboat, the label says "Made exclusively by Lilo.G", to hang in the B, to go with the nautical decor in there. It will fit nicely on the wall over the back doors, and I have a metal decorator coat rack thingy to go over it, so the space won't be wasted. Also I got a baby 4-cup Mr. Coffee for one of the RVs. Then on to Krogers as we both needed a few things. Jay's mother had the cable guy coming to fix their cable, so I took Jay and his groceries home.

Ray and I got the sticker on the windshield and new license plates on the truck. A new thing, you get new plates when you transfer a vehicle here now. I guess you don't want to be stopped for the PO's outstanding tickets !! I had to find my special license plate holders that say "Spay and Neuter your Pet, Save A Life", that I had on my Volvo and Jeep, now the truck.
We also put a new washer in the kitchen faucet in the B, as I noticed it leaked a bit when I was on the trip. Ray had polyed the shelf parts for the toaster oven in the B, and maybe we can get some of that installed tomorrow.

The truck is now legal, so I had to celebrate by driving it to the RV store north of here to order and pay for the tub, for the B. It wasn't hot enough to run the AC, but I knew it was there if I needed it.

A lady emailed that she was coming to buy a big rug that I have advertised on ConroeYardSales, and she did, so that is one more big item gone out of the storeroom. Her husband is from Wales, so we had a good chat.

Now it is a rainy day.

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