Friday, April 4, 2008

The Entertainment Center is about finished

Yesterday, Jay and I worked on the Entertainment Center where the overhead bed used to be. It is just about finished.

Now we have to take the TV out again, so that the mechanic can install the 12v. outlet, also so that we can install the coax/phone connector on the outside and bring it through the fiberglass top. The mechanic is going to check out the Class B while he has it there. You know, usual stuff, front end, brakes, carburation, and all the things that make it go and stop.

The renters in my guest house told me that the dryer quit. Someone had left my ohmmeter on, and the batteries were dead. We checked that there was power at the outlet, with an ordinary test light that doesn't do anything but have a little light come on. We took the back off at the top of the dryer and ascertained that parts of it weren't getting any juice. We loaded the dryer up in my poor little Puddle Jumper, and I took it to a repair place that I have been using for years.

I bought the laptop I went to see yesterday. His mother had accidentally packed the charger cord when she left for WA the other day, so he knocked $50 off the price, and I am going to a 'hole in the wall' computer guy this morning to see if he has one.

I stopped at Radio Shack to get batteries for the ohmmeter. Also, the little house phone that I carry around on my fanny pack belt in it's own little case, needed a new battery. I have never been able to find another phone that small, so I just keep it going even though the numbers wore off it years ago ! I have an electronic address book that I carry in my purse, and it's batteries were dying. So Radio Shack got a mess of $ from me today. The only laptop chargers they had were universal, and $120.

The 'hole in the wall' computer guy opens his shop at 11.00 am, and I was there waiting. He got a big magnifying glass and read the specs on the back of my Laptop, and eventually found the right charger. He was very particular about it being just right. He finally got the WiFi going, and I will try it out one day. I wished I had the time to park somewhere and play with it, but I had to pick Shay up from her job at 1.00 and so I had to rush back north of Conroe.

I had a lot of things to do today.

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