Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Didn't Write, Just Mundane Stuff

The weather is starting to get muggy, and humid. So I guess it will be that way for the next six months. Un-air conditioned Puddle Jumper won't be making many more trips to town.

I have just been doing uninteresting things.

Ray cleaned 2 more air conditioners. Jay had to undo the
trim on one , as it is installed through the dog room wall.
That meant moving the kennel cages to we could get to it.
The other is in a window that is covered by my screen porch,
and can't be seen from the outside, and it drips into the
plant sink on the porch. The drain to that sink goes underground
to my little Red Oak Tree that will hopefully give a lot of shade
to my house. Right now it might shade a lizard. The bird feeder is
set in cement, so that my little "shade" tree doesn't get run over.
It is in a tomato cage too, with ribbons fluttering.

Jay replaced the towel rail in the little bathroom off the grooming room that Emma, the cat boarder, managed to break.

I drove the TransStar into town, and got it inspected. Also got some extra keys made.
I was talking to the mechanic about the Class B that he is checking out for me. I didn't know that he had pushed the door lock button on the passenger side, when I pushed the driver's door almost latched, and the keys were inside. I don't lock any doors until I have checked that my keys are in my pocket. So that took some wire and patience.
I took the Puddle Jumper into town to get it inspected, poor old thing passed again. And it has to have a full inspection with emission test, too. Then I had to go to a different town to buy tags, as I had left it longer than the 5 days after due date that you can buy them at the grocery store.

Took Jay's mother's dryer over to the repair place, and it needed a belt and "bangs". I thought bangs were on your forehead !!

I went to all four auto parts in this town looking for a momentary rocker switch, and couldn't find one. Went north to an RV Store to buy the switch, and a weatherproof outside coax/phone outlet for the B. I bought the switch, but not the outside box. She said she would order me one, it is $12.89. Later that day she calls me back and says she has a different one coming and it is $27. I don't think so !

I called the RV store way south of Conroe to see if they had the outside coax/phone outlet in stock. As it is in their catalog, I gave them the part number, and a gal said that they had it. Twenty miles later I find out that they didn't have the one I had asked about, or even one like it. The store owner has known me for over 30 years, and he was pretty miffed at this new girl for giving out wrong info. I didn't say anything, I was just too disgusted and drove 20 miles home again. I bought almost the same that I was looking for, at Lowes for $10.66, with tax.

Then we found out that I didn't need a momentary switch after all. The Class B has a solenoid that ties both batteries together automatically. I don't know how I will like that. How will I know which battery is sluggish ? I hope the monitor panel on the wall works. I guess I will have to get used to this new technology on this later model RV.

The mechanic gave the Coachmen B a clean bill of health for the trip to New Braunfels this weekend to see "Debken" of RV-Dreams Chat. So now I just have to pack some essentials in it, and put some gas on lay-away. And find out exactly where she is!

Busy and tiring days.


Anonymous said...

Once again Penny you have worn me out. We had some bad weather here and lucked out on the hight winds not taking us out. I hope it clears up tomorrow so I can glue my desk top down. I have to open all the windows to let the fumes out.


Debbie & Rod said...

Hey Penny,

We're in a half empty campground so come on down!! Can't wait to see you.