Sunday, April 27, 2008

Got more trim in B. Notice to SPCA.

Shorts and tank top again today. But it was overcast and felt like it was going to rain, but it never did.

I picked up Jay, and we put the little narrow ledge shelves back on both sides of the Class B, and then the trim under them. Then cut and fitted more of the original burgundy velour trim too. It looks kind of bleak without the drapes up, but it will look better later. Just takes time and $ !!
I looked up the price of the curtain tape with the carriers that gets sewn on the drapes to match the drapery tracks that were in there. $138 for 50' !! The sun had rotted the old tape, but not the carriers. I think I will figure out a way to use them, without the tape.

We also installed a new light under the cabinet, as the old florescent one quit working, it was the ballast. I can send the florescent light back to the factory, and they will fix it for $18.50 + shipping, but who knows how long that will take.

The kittens are getting to be too much for me. Bending down to take care of their boxes, inside and on the porch, and the stuff that they knock over is getting to my poor old back. They have started getting up on the tall cabinet in the grooming room, and knocking down all my supplies. They particarly like to dump the Q-Tips all over the floor. They have plenty of toys but I suppose Co-ets and Q-Tips are more interesting. Then they knock over my plants on the porch, too. More bending to clean that up.

I have had plenty of chances to take in other strays, and I am just not up to it. It is heartbreaking to wonder how some of my babies are, like "Dumpy", the little hurt, near dead kitten I rescued from a hot, wet dumpster. Her forever home never has let us know how she is, even though they said they would. See Dumpy above.

I asked my SPCA boss if there was another fostermom available to take care of these two, until they get adopted. Bobcat is getting older, and she needs all my attention, when I am not working. I lost lots of the hours of the last days with my dying little doggie, as I was taking care of someone else's 9 dogs that had got loose. He would look at me, and his eyes would say "Mom, I hurt and I need you, why are you spending so much time with those other doggies, don't you love me anymore ?" I need to turn my grooming room back into a spare bedroom so that my youngest grandaughter can come and stay here when she wants to. So I have my grooming equipment up for sale.

A decision making day.

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