Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unloaded TransStar. Started on B's Toaster Oven Shelf.

Nice day to be working outside. Jay and I unloaded the TransStar and put the lumber away where it belonged, put my tools away, and loaded the Puddle Jumper with Jay's tools and his ladder. That took all morning.

After lunch we started back to work on the Class B. We had taken the side shelves off, right where the van part meets the fiberglass top, to build in the entertainment center, so it was time to put them back. The left side had to be modified somewhat, as we were adding a toaster oven across from the kitchen area. We had already installed an outlet on the side of the cabinet next to where it would be. We measured, cut, fit, then re-cut, re-fit and got the shelf for the toaster oven ready to install. That part of the wall isn't wallpapered yet, so we have to wait on installing that.

When I was on the trip with the B, I was really glad that we had installed another outlet on the side of the couch/bed, next to the bathroom. It was for a cube heater, and I sure did use one on that cold night in the Hill Country. Otherwise the closest outlet would have been on the right side in the kitchen, and the cord would have been loose, ready to trip over on the aisle floor. Not very good design there, I thought.

Then we called it a day.

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