Saturday, April 26, 2008

More done on the Toaster Oven Shelf.

It wasn't so hot today, so the cats could stay on the screen porch most of the day, but it was still tank top and shorts weather.

Jay wanted to work, so I went down there to pick him up. He didn't look like he had been drinking, so we started putting the shelf for the toaster oven together. That toaster oven has spacers on the back, so that it is not against the wall, and we put a metal barrier above it. Then we had to put the narrow shelf back on the ledge next to it. Bottom right of picture:
It used to go all along there where the oven is, but if we had left it there, it would have made the toaster shelf too high. But we had taken out some of the area in front of it, when we cut the bed out in the front, now it had to run all the way to the front to the new entertainment center. So it had to be cut, and the trim put back on it. That covers the track where a lot of the electrical wires go back and forth, so we had to be careful we didn't go near them when we screwed the narrow shelf back on. The area where we had cut off the bed showed some wires under the ledge, so we used some of the original velour covered plywood, and covered that up like it belonged there. I plugged the rig in to make sure that all the systems were working.
Hoorah, they were.

Ray will finish the staining, and finishing next time he is here, so it will look a lot better then.

Jay had to go home to wait for the cable guy again, as that was postponed yesterday.

So that was it for today.


Anonymous said...

Another job well done!


JoyceTravels said...

Thank for the good wishes on my Birthday. I have corrected my blog to reflect the correct spelling of "tuppence"!!! Thanks for the advice!
Joyce D.