Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just more running around, truck shopping.

Jay and I had got the point where the wallpaper need to up, before we could go any further, in the Class B. He was trying to get his mother's dryer working, and so he didn't work here today. I took my electrical testing tools down there , and it was getting 220v., so it must be the element this time. His neighbor took the dryer back to the repair place.

I spent a lot of time on Craigslist, and Conroe Yard Sales, looking for a replacement for the Puddle Jumper. I want something that is a little higher up, but not too high, 6 cyl., 4 liter, with AC and buttons for the windows etc, that will haul stuff, and tow my little HiLo travel trailer. I go armed with used vehicle appraisals on any thing that I am going to look at. Theirs are the most realistic. But it doesn't have RVs, NADA has that, and they aren't accurate.

It was Adoption Day, so I had taken the kittens to Petco, and got them comfy, before I went vehicle looking, but one had had an accident in the carrier, so I had to go home and get a clean carrier, fresh blankie, and clean litter box. Joys of foster motherhood.

I looked at a light gold Jeep Cherokee, the small one, 2 x 4, and it was in very nice condition, but needed solar film on the windows, and a hitch added, and he was already asking too much for it. But just the babysitter was there to show it to me, so I couldn't do any haggling.

On the way there, I looked at a Dodge Dakota, ext. cab, with AC and buttons, but they can't find the title, and I would have to wait for the duplicate title to come back. It had a tonneau cover, vent visors, and bug shield, and low miles. I don't know why they advertised it, if it's not ready to go. It did need a paint job, but I really wanted white anyway, and it would be a work truck, so a cheap paint job would be alright. Dark cars get so hot here in TX, when you park them at store, even with the windshield sun shade up. I often thought about putting a solar fan in the roof of my black Volvo.

When I went to pick up the kittens, there was a family cuddling and appraising them, but they didn't fill out an application. Minkie always purrs when she get any attention, so I think that she will get adopted first. Boots is aloof until she gets to know someone, and if Minkie goes first, she will be very upset, without her.

Not a very productive day.

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