Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally bought a truck

I didn't bother going to pick up Jay again today. Let him stew in his own juice.
I spent the morning still looking on Craigslist, etc. for a replacement for the Puddle Jumper. I will still use it around the subdivision, but I needed something for going into town.

I did think about getting the Astrovan, or the Jeep Cherokee, but if I haul lumber, and dryers and stuff like that in it, it would soon get torn up. I knew that I really needed to get another baby truck. So far I have only had 3 Rangers, and a Mitsubishi. Time for something different. I have had several full size trucks, when I was younger, but now I need a step ladder to get up in the back, or a stool to stand on to get stuff in or out of the bed, so they don't work for me.

Ray and I finished the wallpapering the HiLo, so now we can put the cellular blinds up.
The Class B is at the mechanics getting the cruise control fixed, I like everything to work, even if it is for sale. So we couldn't work on that today.

Then I found another Dodge Dakota, just listed today. This one has a title, and it is pearl white. So I went to see it. I drove the Chevy full size van that I took in on trade for that Class C that I had. It has 'For Sale" signs on it, so I was hoping that someone would fall in love with it, but mainly because it has AC !! It is getting hot and muggy around here.

I drove the Dodge up to 65 mph, it handled well, everything worked, including the AC, and it fit me. The blue cloth seats are like new. I checked all the fluids to see what color they were. Looked all over and under it. The owner had it for about 6 years, but needed something bigger now that his family had grown. I had orginally said that I wanted a 6 cyl., but this is a 318 V8, and as I tow small travel trailers, that will be better for me. Better to have more truck than you think you need, when towing travel trailers. Not many folks want a little truck with a V8, so that was a bargaining point. He is going to get it inspected for me, and there is a dent that his step father will pull out tonight, and I pick it up tomorrow. Then I will take it over to U-Haul and get a Class III receiver hitch put on it. I already have a brake controller that I am not using. I might make it to one of the local HiLo rallies after all !

I am so glad to have the car shopping over.

So a satisfying day.


Anonymous said...

Good Penny. Sounds like a real good deal there. I hope to have my new truck for the rally but it does not look promising?? I will have to have 500 miles on that rear end before I can haul my trailer.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh !! The truck's rear end !!
I think yours has more than 500 miles on it ?

I hope you get your truck in time to break it in, before the rally.

Happy Trails, Penny

Sandra said...

Great news, Penny. The search is over!