Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grooming. Bath Tub. Picked up the Truck.

I started out the day by grooming a little dog that had so many burrs in her coat that she was a matted mess. Sweet skinny little 8 lb. young dog, called Buttercup. Shi Tzu, or Llasa Apso mix. But she had never been groomed before, and it took a little while to convince her that the clippers weren't going to hurt her. I felt sorry for the little thing, as she is kept outside.

Ray finished the wallpaper in the HiLo while I was grooming.

While we were hanging the new nylon shower curtain around the tub of the Class B, the drain area just disintregrated. I don't know what the previous owner had been putting in that tub, as I have never seen that happen before, even on old RVs. Now I have to order a tub, so I got all my RV parts catalogs out to find out who has the right size and price. But they don't sell the new ones with that offset for the faucet, so we will have to mount the faucet on the wall.
When I took the B on the trip to New Braunfels I used the CG shower as I didn't have the shower curtain up yet, so I didn't know about the drain area being weak. Just shows you, you have to try out all the systems on a used RV. New ones even more so, as quality control isn't what it used to be.

Then it was time to pick up the truck. The previous owner had taken it to get it inspected and a new windshield put in it. He works for a car dealer so he can get windshields cheaper. We had to wait until Ray's niece got out of school, and take her with us, and by the time we got there the truck guy said that the truck was still at the inspection station, and they closed at 4.00 pm. It was outside the inspection station, and his wife had another key for it. His mother hadn't signed the title yet either. So we all had to come back home, and met him at Kroger's at 7.15 that night. As I drove it home, I could feel the difference between the 5.2 liter motor and the 1.6 liter in my little Puddle Jumper !! But it cruises along at 1000 RPM less than the Puddle Jumper, as it has overdrive. We will see how much gas it uses !

So it was a" You win some, and you lose some" day.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you came on top with this one. Nice looking ride! I bet you will be happy with the gas milage. Those little trucks do well on mpg.