Tuesday, April 29, 2008

R.I.P Rambo. Just a tweak to shelf.

It started out a bit warmer today. I found out that it went down to 46 deg. yesterday morning, no wonder it felt chilly.
Jay went to a hospital in Houston with his mother for her MRI. She had been diagnosed with cancer on her liver, and has had one surgery already. Tomorrow she gets admitted and will spend the night there. Jay got bored hanging around the hospital most of today, and he gets antsy, as he is hyperactive, so a neighbor is going tomorrow. I am sure one of her daughters will be there, too.

I looked at the pictures of the toaster oven shelf in the Class B, and I decided that it didn't look right. It is pictures that are going to attract a prospective buyer. Sometimes things look fine in real life, but pictures can bring out the whole total aspect, and it looks different. So while Ray was putting the last coat of poly on the entertainment center, I had him do something to that toaster oven shelf. I will take pictures when it is finished.

I hope that the Class B's new tub will be in soon, as Jay will be here tomorrow, I think ! But Jim called and wants me to go to Conroe to the Dodge dealership, and run parts for the truck at 9.00 am. Sometime in the afternoon 2 of Mindi's poodles are getting dropped off for me to groom. They are going to spend the night, too, that is to give me time to groom them, while doing all the other things that I do. Mindi will be flying, she is a stewardess, and she would rather that those two little ones, her favorites, were here. After over 8 years of taking care of them, she knows that they will be safe with me.

Kenya, my SPCA boss called this afternoon. There aren't any foster moms who have space for the kittens, right now. She has had that pretty picture, taken by the professional photographer, printed on some business cards, so maybe they will get adopted soon. So I have locked up one kitten, Minkie, in a big cage tonight, and I will find out which one is my "Q-Tip Bandit", who is knocking everything off the grooming room shelves at night.
Kenya also told me that old, deaf, blind 17+ year old Rambo who I fostered for a while, died peacefully in his sleep. It was confirmed that his little old heart just gave out. When they have to go, that way is the best. I hate it when they are sick and linger, and the vets give them all kinds of pills and shots.

Word got around that I was selling off a lot of my grooming equipment, so my hydraulic grooming table, and 4 of the vet-like kennel cages are already spoken for. That is OK, I have two more grooming tables, but not like that $529 hydraulic one, and more kennel cages. I groomed without those 5 items for years, and I will do it again. That sure will make some room in my grooming room !! Now maybe I can part with about 5 different size pet carriers, too. Then there is still the big German Shepherd cage, a medium size cage, and a puppy pen to sell. Those fold up and are in the closet in the grooming room, so they don't take up floor space except when they are being used.

A man came and bought two exterior doors, then I listed some TopsyTurvy Upside Down Tomato Planters on eBay. So things are leaving this overcrowded place.

So all in all, a good day.

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