Monday, April 28, 2008

Hooked up Outside Cable/Phone Outlet on B.

I started out the day with tank top and shorts, but as soon as I opened the patio door to let Bobcat out on the screen porch to see the sunrise, I knew that wasn't going to be enough, it was chilly. So I donned a t-shirt and cardigan.
I picked up Jay, and we started work on the outside cable/phone access on the Class B. We drilled a hole through the thick fiberglass top for the wires to go through to the inside box. By then it was still chilly so I went back in and put on jeans and socks. We mounted the outside cover, and made this very sophisticated prop to hold the little door open, with half a clothes pin. Then it was time to go inside and add the box, and fiddle with all the little wires to make contact to the inside cover plate. This is all inside the storage part of the new entertainment center we built where the bed used to be. Then came the moment of truth. We strung coax from the house's outside RV hookup, and phone wire from the workshop phone, and tried it all out. The TV and the phone worked, so it is all ready to be hooked up at campgrounds. One more job "jobbed". By that time it had warmed up enough to just wear a t-shirt and shorts.

Jim, the mechanic, had been messing about in a salvage yard this morning, and found a pretty chrome Dodge bumper with little rams on it, and a Class III receiver hitch for the Dakota. Also a whole, like new, air cleaner housing with a new air filter in it, and the big breather tube on it. It is all shiny black with "Magnum" written on it. He also got a cover for the under hood fuses, and new armrests for inside the doors, they are even the right color ! The old arm rests looked OK, but they are also what you hang on to, to close the doors and they had lost a lot of their oomph, and felt floppity. I know why the PO had got it inspected for me, it would never have passed the way he had that Edelbrock air cleaner hooked up. Even if he didn't want it legal, I do.

At 2.00 pm I took the truck down to Jim's, and he brought me back in his golf-cart. My "golf cart" is my little Puddle Jumper, but it is street legal, and it had to make one more trip into town to get a new serpentine belt for the truck. The old one was sort of OK, but it was going to have to be replaced sooner or later, and I would rather not have it break and leave me on the side of the road. A stitch in time..... Ray and I had cleaned up the terminals on the battery, but Jim also had me buy new cable ends, and wanted it to do it right, as some of the cable needed to be cut back. He knows I have a horror of breaking down on these country roads because of past experiences. My late husband wouldn't put ends on battery cables, he always replaced the whole cable. Each person has their own way of doing things.

Altogether a good day.

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Everything is looking real spiffy. See you tonight in chat