Thursday, April 3, 2008

Too Frustrated to write yesterday

The guys were working in Cleveland today and as the weather wasn't too hot, so I took off in the Puddle Jumper to look at some things that I was thinking about buying. One was a laptop with WiFi for my RV. The other was a 110v./12v. TV, as we put my new one in the Class B. That meant that I still needed one for my B+, and/or my Hi-Lo travel trailer.

Plan A: I had an appointment with the laptop guy for 8.30 am. in Conroe. I arrived on time, and found out that he had to take his mother to Hobby Airport, the other side of Houston, so I knew he would be gone for a couple of hours.....

Plan B: Meet the TV guy. He said that he would be at Gullo Toyota at 10.00 am. So I went to the only thrift shop that opens at 9.00 am, most of them open at 10.00 around here, and didn't find anything there. I went to Gullo and hung around there for a long time. Finally called him, and he was still on the Beltway in Houston....

Back to Plan A, the Laptop guy was back. I had seen the laptop the day before when I was looking at his motorhome, and he knew that I was coming back to get it. I had since checked around and the price was right. I got there and he couldn't find the cord for it. He hunted all through his little apartment, and all through the MH. No cord. He said he would call me when he found it.

So I left to meet the TV guy, and he still wasn't at Gullo Toyota, I hung around there, and then finally called him. The silly sod was over at the Honda dealership! He came to Gullo, and I got the TV, we plugged it into his truck, and even without an antenna, it worked so I bought it, and went home. It was afternoon by then, and I had had enough.

A very frustrating day.

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