Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TranStar and I went to Work Today

A nice T-shirt day, and just as well. Today is the final day of the Cleveland job, and all the tools and ladders had to be brought back. Old faithful TransStar B+ to the rescue. It has to work for it's keep too. I don't think that most MH's have to work, but the TransStar likes to get involved, and driven. The genny has powered the compressor for the nail gun or other things, many times, when the power wasn't on, at a job site. See the pictures, there is even paneling and sheets of plywood in there. I know that I have to have an RV with a door on the back. It was great to drive it, as it handles so differently from the Class B that I drove to to the Hill Country. Maybe because I am used to it.

I got 'volunteered' to vacuum the whole carpeted area that had been a church. Then I swept all the back rooms that are linoleum. The guys had painted the awful hot pink ceiling, and it was white now. The other offices in that strip center are all going to be re-carpeted, and so I didn't have to do them. I did the jobs that the guys hadn't had time to do; sort out the stuff that stayed, the stuff that went to the dumpster, the stuff that got loaded to come back. They had things scattered all over that huge "church" area, so I had to do that before I could even begin to vacuum.
Jay put up the last of the ceiling panels that Ray had painted, and the light plastic that goes under the florescent lights in the drop ceiling. It was just "punch out list" stuff. I put all the numerous cover plates on the switches and outlets. Ray just kept on painting different places that needed a second or third coat. Jay and I had to go to the one office that has been rented out, and fix a wobbly toilet, a water leak, the P-trap under the vanity, and install a mirror over it. Just really busy doing nit-pickin' things.

Back to work here tomorrow, maybe we will get some more done to the Class B. It needs to be finished, adopted, and go to it's new home. Just like the two foster kittens that I have here.

Thank you for your condolences for my brother, and mother's passing.
I lost both in two short weeks.
This is what my half-brother, Nigel, said about my other half-brother, Stuart.
"""The doctor had a meeting with us all to explain what the situation is.
The infection he got affected one of his heart valves, this has caused small growths to form on the heart, they are now falling off and going into his blood stream. They are surprised that he has lasted the day out, but say they expect him to go within the next 24 hours. At anytime his heart could disintegrate and if that happens, death would be immediate. So we are now awaiting THAT call. Don't know whether we will get over there before the inevitable happens, but we will give a good try."""
Have you ever heard of such a situation ?

Very tiring day.

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