Monday, April 21, 2008

Nearly another lost day of work.

When I went to pick up Jay, he was still hung over from the night before, when will he quit ?
All that talk about how great he feels when he is not drinking, yesterday, and then he goes and does it again. I won't have anything to him to do when he is like that, as he can't think straight and makes mistakes. He doesn't realize how that beer has addled his brain, I can see the difference over the 13 years that I have known him. It is costing him $3,000 to get his driver's license back !! And he still drinks. Doesn't make sense to me.

Ray and I started doing the wallpaper in the vintage 1968 HiLo travel trailer, while we had all the wallpapering stuff out, from papering the Class B. The walls are a dark, depressing brown, and this paper lightens it up, and matches all the other accents in the trailer. The interior, appliances and upholstery are like new. I have bought lovely matching cellular blinds for the big front and back windows, and matching fabric for the side windows. We needed to do this now, before it gets too hot, as the AC isn't installed yet.

I was going to buy the Jeep, today, but took one last look in Craigslist, and I found an Astro van that was better equipped, but they were putting a new compressor in it, and it hadn't come in yet.

Nearly another lost day.

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