Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Joys of Ownership, the Cleaning

A bit warmer today, so t-shirt and jeans, no sweater. I put the cats out on the screen porch early, and they ate their breakfast out there, and only just brought them in for their dinner. They had dry food to scrunch on, too.

Jay and I started on the Puddle Jumper first. It is not used to all this work, normally it doesn't leave the subdivision, as I usually have a daily driver for going to town, etc. Poor little old thing got a good vacuuming and bath. Windex-ed the windows, even Armorall-ed the dash.
Then we started scrubbing some other stuff around here that gets dirty, like the big and little trash cans. The outside table and chairs, all that sort of stuff. We get algae forming on things, because of the trees here.

Jay cut the other two legs off his new (to-him) table, and as there was a scratch on the polyurathene, he decided to sand the whole top down. Then I stained it, and we will wait until tomorrow to see if it needs another coat.

Then time to do the "Weed-N-Feed" thing. I don't want any cockle burrs growing in the back yard, where the dogs go. If they get stuck between the pads of their feet, they can cause nasty infected places, if the dog can't get them out. I should have gathered some of the weeds for a dandelion salad !!

I had bought 12 pears in a reduced bag (99c), and contemplated what to do with them. I try to eat a lot of fruit and veges, but I don't often buy pears. I knew that I wanted to cook them. I hunted for some recipes. I wound up peeling them, and pushing them through my apple corer/slicer thingy, and mixing half in a bowl with little icing sugar (confectioner's sugar to you), and lemon juice, baking the pieces in a 400 deg. toaster oven for about 40 minutes. The other half I mixed the same way, but added some cinnamon, and put it all in a pot on the stove until they were tender. The pears came out good, both ways. I am going to make one batch into a trifle tomorrow.

Trifle: Line a dish with lady fingers, or some cake or muffins that are lying around. Make some Jello with a little less water, and pour it over the cake. Add some fruit when you are ready. When that has set, you can even add some custard, instant pudding or Cool Whip on the top, and you have trifle.

So this was a cleaning and pear day.

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Anonymous said...

Penny, My laminated top on the dresser and the desk in the 5ver is coming up. I got some contact cement and will try to get it back down? Doesn't look like they did a very good job in laminating it. I will let you know how it comes out. Later I am going to glue me up a oak top for both and replace.