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Was the Sabbath really changed to Sunday? Woodrow Wilson. Mary Celeste. Somalia. The Lord's Prayer.


"Was the Sabbath really changed to Sunday, or is it everyday. Let's examine what the scripture actually says."


Are we to worship God (Sabbath) or man (Sunday).

"I pray that you really study your Bible because the Sabbath is the day of the Lord and Satan is using the only commandment that shows who God is by changing it. 

The Catholic Church has changed the Sabbath and those who follow the Sunday worship is going on a commandment from the Catholic Church.
From Priest Brady in an address reported in the Elizabeth NJ News. March 18th 1903
The Earliest Recognition of the observance of Sunday is a constitution of Constantine in 321 A.D. enacting that all courts of justice, inhabitants of towns and workshops were to be at rest on Sunday
From Vol XXIII, Encyclopedia Britannica p654
Again look up the following tests:
Daniel 7:25
Luke 4:16
Acts 13:42
Mark 2:27
Luke 23:54-24:1 - very interesting text
Leviticus 23:32
Mark 1:32
Mark 2:23
And there is more.
Let's all go back to what the Bible says. God bless everyone"



Why is the Sabbath Day truth not taught?

"If these points are true, why don’t we hear more pastors teaching them? If the Sabbath is Saturday, then why don’t the majority keep the true Sabbath day? How could the majority be wrong and even more to the point, do we still have to keep the Seventh day Sabbath at all? Revelation 13 tells us that Satan would give position and authority to the persecuting power described in Daniel that changed God’s law.

Why do you think Satan did this? This power that persecuted the saints for 1260 dark years murdered anyone found keeping the Seventh day Sabbath according to the Commandment of God. Anyone that had a different view to this persecuting power was considered a heretic and heretics were to be burned. As a result, the Sabbath truth was nearly murdered out of existence and since most Churches originated from this persecuting power, most Churches now ignorantly keep the wrong day they instituted. The final change to the Sabbath day was in the fourth century but note that the change originated from Satanic and pagan Sun worship as early as 2000 B.C. Remember that Satan was responsible for all of this and did not go to all this effort for no reason.

Since the majority grow up with Sunday worship as their custom, it becomes very much a mind set and people are also very reluctant to accept change or alter their lifestyle. Saturday is also a day that is not convenient for most Christians and so sadly, most would rather not know truth and go into denial. Because of these factors, even when a pastor is presented with the Sabbath truth, it becomes difficult to both accept and see. This instantly gives the enemy the upper hand as he now just whispers in your mind, “the day does not matter. If it mattered everyone would know about it and would be keeping Saturday.”

Sadly, all too many listen and never investigate and Satan continues to be victorious in keeping Christians ignorantly breaking one of the Commandments of God.

Billy Graham was said to have acknowledged the Sabbath truth but stated, “If I were to teach this truth, I would lose most of my listeners.” "       From:


Introduction: Sunset to Sunset, God's Sabbath Rest

"Too many of us live at a frantic pace, trying desperately to stay on top of everything we need to get done. It's no wonder we feel out of touch with our spouses, our families and even our Creator. But did you know that God offers a little-understood remedy for our hurried and harried lives?

Society has undergone astonishing changes in recent decades. Everyone, it seems, lives at a breakneck pace, constantly rushing here and there to get everything done. Technological advances that once promised more leisure time now seem only to push us further behind, making it ever more difficult to catch up.

So we frantically scramble. We feel out of touch—out of touch with our spouse, out of touch with our families, out of touch with the world around us and, perhaps most of all, out of touch with God.

This very Being who created the universe, including every one of us, did not leave us to grope in the dark to understand His intent for our lives. Rather, through inspiration, He caused His instruction and truth to be written down for us:

(2 Timothy:3:15-17 [15]And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.[16]All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:[17]That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.;

John:17:17Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.). His revelation, the Holy Bible, tells us what we need to know about life's purpose, why we are here and where we are headed. Most important, it tells us how to live.

It tells us that thousands of years ago God gave a people a set of laws, promising the recipients that they would be blessed if they obeyed them. "You shall walk in all the ways which the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live and that it may be well with you," He told them (Deuteronomy:5:33Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.).

The law God revealed is summed up in the Ten Commandments. They are our basic guide for living, showing us how to have a proper relationship with our Creator and fellow man.

Among those commandments, the one most universally misunderstood and misapplied is God's instruction to "remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy" (Exodus:20:8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.).

Many people view the Sabbath as a quaint relic of history, perhaps a nice idea at some time in the past but altogether impractical in today's busy world. Some think the Sabbath is Sunday and that spending an hour or two at church on Sunday morning fulfills the intent of the Sabbath commandment.

Others think Jesus Christ did away with any specific day of rest, or the need to worship on a particular day, and that whatever time we choose to dedicate to God is holy.

The questions and opinions about this commandment, it seems, are endless. Did Jesus keep the Sabbath because He was Jewish, or did He actually break the Sabbath command to demonstrate our freedom from Old Testament law, leading the religious leaders of His day to want to kill Him? Did the apostle Paul, in writing more books of the New Testament than any other writer, show that the Sabbath is no longer necessary for Christians, or did he uphold it?

Was the Sabbath condemned and changed in the early New Testament Church, or was it confirmed? Did God sanctify the Sabbath at the time He created Adam and Eve, or did He first set it apart as holy time at the Exodus more than 2,000 years later? Was the Sabbath changed from the seventh day of the week to another day, and if so, when did this happen?

Why did God command a day of rest to begin with? Did He have a purpose for it, and if so, what is that purpose? Is the Sabbath at all relevant for humankind today? Does it make sense in today's world? The questions go on and on.

Why should there be such confusion about one of the 10 basic guiding principles and laws God gave mankind? Why is there such controversy and confusion over this one commandment when most people, including religious leaders and their churches, have little quarrel with the other nine?

You don't have to look far to discover the answers to these questions. They can be found in the pages of the Bible and history. And we address these basic questions in this booklet. Join us now for a journey through the Bible to discover God's Sabbath Rest."  From:

The booklet is here:


A Test for You?

Will you pass the test? Are you willing to surrender a portion of your time to build the kind of relationship God wants to enjoy with you?

"By now perhaps you've realized that most of mankind has failed to obey God when it comes to His Sabbath day. Much of humanity ignores God altogether and couldn't care less about setting aside a day to honor and worship Him.

Maybe you're one of the many who have been told that the Sabbath command has been transferred from the seventh day of the week, Saturday, to Sunday, the first day of the week. Or maybe you've been told that it's no longer necessary to keep it at all.

Sadly, traditional Christianity has for the most part turned its back on the Fourth Commandment—considering the Sabbath obsolete, fulfilled by Jesus Christ, replaced by Sunday or somehow negated by the dozens of arguments that have been marshaled against it over the centuries. However, we shouldn't be surprised at this widespread disdain for the Sabbath day, since God's Word tells us that "the mind-set of the flesh is hostile to God because it does not submit itself to God's law" (Romans:8:7Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be., Holman Christian Standard Bible).

What about you? What's your view of God's most ignored commandment in light of the clear instructions in His Word? The simple fact is that nowhere in the Scriptures will you find that the day God established at creation as the proper day of rest and worship has been changed or abolished. Most religious groups don't have a problem with the other nine commandments, but few are willing to submit to God's will on the Fourth.

It's instructive to note what God said when He revealed His Sabbath to the Israelites in Exodus 16 through the miracle of the manna to feed them in the wilderness. Unlike on other days, the people were not to go out to gather on the Sabbath, as there would be none. Rather, they were supposed to gather double the day before to prepare for the Sabbath.

Notice God's intent: "that I may test them, whether they will walk in My law or not" (verse 4). Indeed, the Sabbath was a test commandment—and remains so today. While the rest of the Ten Commandments are generally acknowledged as right and proper, keeping the Sabbath commandment often brings ridicule and even ostracism. So this command can reveal who is willing to go the distance in obedience to God. Will you?

Rarely will a church organization change its beliefs. But with God's help and guidance, you as an individual can change yours and begin patterning your life according to His instructions.

You would do well to ask yourself: If God made the Sabbath holy at creation, if He made it a part of the Ten Commandments, if Jesus Christ, the apostles and the early Church kept it (as the New Testament and history shows they did), doesn't it make sense that He would want you to keep it?

Will you pass the test? Are you willing to surrender a portion of your time to build the kind of relationship God wants to enjoy with you?" From:


On This Day:

President Wilson travels to Europe.  Dec 4, 1918:

"President Woodrow Wilson departs Washington, D.C., on the first European trip by a U.S. president. After nine days at sea aboard the S.S. George Washington, Wilson arrived at Brest, France, and traveled by land to Versailles, where he headed the American delegation to the peace conference seeking an official end to World War I.

Although the president's political opponents criticized his European visit as a sign of egotism, Wilson worked tirelessly during the proceedings to orchestrate an agreement that would encourage a lasting peace in Europe. During the stay, Wilson also led the effort for the establishment of the League of Nations, an international organization designed to seek diplomatic solutions to future conflicts.

At Versailles, Wilson's hopes for a "just and stable peace" were opposed by the other victorious Allies, and the final treaty, which called for stiff war reparations from the former Central Powers, was regarded with increasing bitterness in Germany. President Woodrow Wilson was awarded the 1920 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to bring peace to Europe."



The mystery of the Mary Celeste. Dec 4, 1872:

"The Dei Gratia, a small British brig under Captain David Morehouse, spots the Mary Celeste, an American vessel, sailing erratically but at full sail near the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was seaworthy, its stores and supplies were untouched, but not a soul was onboard.

On November 7, the brigantine Mary Celeste sailed from New York harbor for Genoa, Italy, carrying Captain Benjamin S. Briggs, his wife and two-year-old daughter, a crew of eight, and a cargo of some 1,700 barrels of crude alcohol. After the Dei Gratia sighted the vessel on December 4, Captain Morehouse and his men boarded the ship to find it abandoned, with its sails slightly damaged, several feet of water in the hold, and the lifeboat and navigational instruments missing. However, the ship was in good order, the cargo intact, and reserves of food and water remained on board.

The last entry in the captain's log shows that the Mary Celeste had been nine days and 500 miles away from where the ship was found by the Dei Gratia. Apparently, the Mary Celeste had been drifting toward Genoa on her intended course for 11 days with no one at the wheel to guide her. Captain Briggs, his family, and the crew of the vessel were never found, and the reason for the abandonment of the Mary Celeste has never been determined."


Dec 4, 1992:

Bush orders U.S. troops to Somalia. Dec 4, 1992:

"President George H. Bush orders 28,000 U.S. troops to Somalia, a war-torn East African nation where rival warlords were preventing the distribution of humanitarian aid to thousands of starving Somalis. In a military mission he described as "God's work," Bush said that America must act to save more than a million Somali lives, but reassured Americans that "this operation is not open-ended" and that "we will not stay one day longer than is absolutely necessary."

Unfortunately, America's humanitarian troops became embroiled in Somalia's political conflict, and the controversial mission stretched on for 15 months before being abruptly called off by President Bill Clinton in 1993."


Beyond Today show, the only TV ministry that doesn't ask for money.

The TV program for today: Finding Stability Zones.

Some interesting thoughts about The Lord's Prayer:

"Do you long for steadiness in an age of constant stress and change? True stability and security can be found. Learn how. Watch Beyond Today on WGN America on Sundays at 8:30 AM EST." (Find a station in your area - )



Nothing really to report. 

The other foster mom took my kittens to Adoption Day, and Pebbles acted like little spitfire that she is when not here with me.  Here, she just wants to sit on my lap and gaze at me.   She won't let anyone else but me near her without growling and snarling.  The other foster moms can't touch her, and they have to wait until she gets back into her carrier to get her out of the display cage.  Her chances of adoption are getting really slim.  Precious was her usual sweet self.

Jay and I went into the next town, as his mother needed a few items.  She is not feeling well these days, and the anti-rejection medicine still makes her feel bad most of the time, so she doesn't get enough exercise.

In the afternoon, I had to take Ray into town to pick up his car.

Even though everything is ready to be loaded in the van, there is no use going to the flea market, as it is going to rain all day.

It is nearly time for me to pick up the storm doors advertized on Craigslist, as it was postponed from yesterday to today.

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