Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Roof.Barometric Pressure.Pink Clouds.Navajo Sandpainting.

I picked up Jay so that he could clean the guest house side of the roof. Which he did. I raked up the pine needles that he swept off the roof, and he took them to the burn pile, but it was too breezy to start the fire.

I had to pack up a Navajo sandpainting that I had sold, and took it to the Post Office.

Then Jay wanted to go into Conroe to get some materials for working on his place. Which we didn't get.

We did go to a couple of thrift shops though, and I bought some burgundy rugs to go in front of my couch. Also a couple of china swans for my swan collection and two more wicker ducks for my duck basket collection. There haven't been any duck baskets for sale for over a year, and now they are showing up again. I don't have room for many more !

It was only just after 11.00am and he wanted to go to the China Buffet. We walked in and waddled out, and weren't really fit for anything after that.

So I took him home, had a nap, then worked on the computer.

My barometer is still at 29.7, and I checked the barometric pressure on our weather site, and mine is accurate. I also learned a few things. Migraines, arthritis, fishing and a lot of things are affected by barometric pressure, so it is a good thing to know.

"Barometric pressure is the pressure of the air (air pressure.) 28-29.99 inches of barometric pressure is a low pressure zone. This means it is likely to rain. Between 30 and 31.99 inches is a high pressure zone, which means it is less likely to rain."
This is a picture I took from my bathroom window through the screen, at 7.20 pm tonight. The setting sun was reflecting on the clouds, and making them pink.

Still no rain, a cooler, but muggy, overcast day.

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