Friday, September 19, 2008

Power back on at 3.10 PM today. Wonderful.

I am kinda busy getting everything set up, so I will add more later.

A happy, but Dial-Up only, day. While I was out of power, I had moved all the tree limbs scattered all over the yard to the burn pile, raked most of the front and back and side, and burned some of it. Also I had cleaned out the fridge and deep freeze while I had a little bit of water. Ice was very hard to come by, and all the 15 containers of food that I had cooked had to be fed to the catfish that live in the lake. All I was able to save was some condiments and cheese out of four ice chests.
Trash wasn't picked up for days after the day they were supposed to be here, so I felt that the food would be better eaten by the catfish than the flies, maggots and ants !!
The lines to get gas south of me in Conroe were just too long to fight, so I drove up to Huntsville, (TX) when they got power, and filled up there. (45 mile round trip).
I never did get my generator going, as a friend said that it needed a fuel pump. There was nowhere to even get a car one and jerry-rig it. This 4KW Onan has been started every month for 12 years, even powered three house's fridges, etc. for three days during Hurricane Rita's aftermath, and now it lets me down.
When the power, water and therefore water heater came on, I couldn't decide whether to use the first batch of hot water for me, or the dishwasher. The dishwasher won, as I got engrossed in sorting through over 200 emails.

Thank you for all your kind comments.

It has been a long week, but there are plenty of folks who had it a lot worse, so we just had to grin and bear it. I kept on saying to those around me who were complaining, that our lads and lassies over there fighting in that war had it a lot worse.

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Jenny Johnson said...

Penny I am so happy for you!!!! We have been so worried.... I hope that I will get to talk to you on chat tonight.....if not my Surprise Birthday Party is tomorrow....and I will see you there...
Jenny J
PS I was going to call you but i could not find your number anywhere!!!!11