Friday, September 26, 2008

HiLo, and Pugsy. Picture Storage

Today Ray and I finished the last bit of painting on the HiLo. I taped, and he primed and painted. Maybe I can get the drapes made now.

It was a very still day, with no breeze, so we lit the burn pile, to get rid of the rest of Ike's debris. We always string the water hoses out there first, and today one of them decided to break at an end. Fortunately I had spare parts and we got it fixed. There is no way I am going to have a fire burning and not enough hose to reach it, so I would have got one out of the RV, if we couldn't have fixed it. Safety first.

Next we cleaned out Pugsy, the vintage motorhome. We had stored lawn chairs, tables, ladders, etc. in there for the hurricane. It had needed vacuuming when I got it back from my son, so we got that done.

Then I ran a search, and cleaned out all the pictures that were in my computer, and filed them in AOL Picture Storage, Picasa or Photobucket. Anything that I have worked on and/or sold, I keep the pictures for a while, and so that is why I have three places to keep them, out of my computer. One is just for a back-up. Learned that the hard way !!

A nice, no AC day.

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