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The Truth about Valentine's Day. Every Life, a Gift to the World. 2021 March For Life


The Truth about Valentine's Day

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[Steve Myers] ‘Valentine's Day is sometimes known as a Hallmark holiday. You heard of that term? I think it has to do with originally cards that are sold during these kind of holidays. But, it points out the fact that it's a holiday that's based more on commercialism and that aspect rather than the holiday itself.

And hasn't that really happened with Valentine's Day? You'd be amazed at what they say shoppers will spend this year on Valentine's Day. You know how much they say? Over $27 billion just in the United States. Think it's commercialized? I mean, no doubt about it. And where did it come from anyway? If you look into Valentine's Day, it's not something that we as Christians should be observing. Oh, it's nice. Isn't love good and shouldn't we celebrate love and we consider all that aspect of it. But, where did it come from? It came from Lupercalia which is a pagan holiday. It wasn't to honor the true God, but it honored other pagan gods, Lubricus, which is the god of fertility. So that was one of the main gods they honored way back in the day. There was also Juno that was honored. That's the god of marriage and women. And then throw a little Pan in there. That's another pagan god. And mix it all together and you end up with celebrating Valentine's Day.

Okay, should we do that? I mean, do you really need a day to show your love to your mate or your dear one in that regard? I mean, shouldn't that be something that we should be doing all throughout the year? That we should be honoring the ones we love on a continual basis. I mean, do I need some incentive from some smart marketer that commercializes the whole thing of love in order to honor my mate? I shouldn't need that. Why would that be something that would be important?

And, in fact, is romantic love the only love that's important? I think that's a critical factor when you really get down to it. I should love my mate throughout the whole year. I should help and honor and love my family through the whole year. But, I can't leave God out of the picture if I really claim to be a Christian.

And we're told a little bit about another important love. 1 John 5:3. It says this. "This is the love of God." I mean as Christians, that's got to come first doesn't it? And, it says, "We keep his commandments. His commandments are not burdensome."

So, don't leave God out of the picture. But we hear all the hoopla about Valentine's Day every February 14th. Remember where it came from. Remember how much I need to love my mate and show that love throughout the entire year. And, direct to another vastly important aspect of love and that's loving God and demonstrate that throughout the year.”  From:


Every Life, a Gift to the World

“Abortion has, effectively, silenced an entire generation, but God's word tells us that every life is precious. As Christians we must support efforts that allow children to be born and to live in loving homes.

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[Darris McNeely] One of the enduring songs from the very early '70s or perhaps it was the late '60s was the song, "The Sound of Silence." "The Sound of Silence." Most people know that. And it was a great song. And as I said it has endured.

"The Sound of Silence" is something that we should note. And not only is it silent because it's winter, but also there's a silence whenever we think about something that takes place in Washington, every January, with the right to life March that usually takes place for those who are pro life and anti-abortion. We in past "Beyond Today" episodes and BT Daily's have talked a great deal about abortion. And it is still a front burner issue in the United States and the world for that matter because an entire generation of people in America, at least more than 50 million babies have been aborted as a generation of silence.

That's the sound of silence that we should note.

Now, I don't know if they will march this year in Washington, D.C. for life. A lot has been sullied with the events of early January and the mood of the country right now in Washington, D.C.. It's almost been locked down. But I hope they do. And I hope people go there and at least demonstrate peacefully for the unborn. On January 22nd, the outgoing administration of President Donald Trump declared January 22nd to be a day as the National sanctity of human life date. And again, in the shuffle of all the events of this time, this has gotten lost perhaps but believe me, it still happens and it still goes on. And frankly, it is only going to get worse.

The holocaust of abortions is only going to get worse. And we need to remember that. Abortion is a sin. Abortion is murder. It's taking of a human life from the womb of a mother, the most protected place in all creation.

John the Baptist slept in the womb of his mother, when Mary came to visit her cousin Elizabeth, to talk about the impending birth that she was about to have. John the Baptist leapt in the womb of his mother. Jeremiah said that he was known in the womb before his birth by God.

And so, there is life there. We should never forget that. And we should never forget those that have not had that opportunity at this point in time to experience life.

So, remember that, every child needs a loving home. Adoption services and efforts to stop the tide of abortion should be supported, should be prayed for, by any well meaning God-fearing Christian, an individual who understands what the Bible says, the Biblical worldview in that regard.”  From:


March for Life Will Take Place in 2021: “We Marched for 47 Years” and Won’t Stop Now

“Although the coronavirus pandemic has ebbed from its peak earlier this Spring and Americans are celebrating lower numbers of cases and deaths, some pro-life Americans have been wondering whether the March for Life would even take place. Although participants will likely be wearing masks and keeping a greater distance from one another, March for Life officials tell today that the march will continue as planned.

“Listen, we marched during the blizzard of 2016, we’ve marched during government shutdowns, we marched after 9/11, we will march again this year,” Mancini said. “We’ve marched for 47 years, and no sacrifice is too great to fight this human rights abuse of abortion.”  From:


2021 March For Life

“The 2021 March for Life took place today with a new administration that supports abortion rights in the White House possibly shifting the legal landscape on the issue.”   YouTube:


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