Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trying Morning. Claudia In Room Now.

On a rant, so you don't have to read it. Just look at the pictures!

I should have known better.. Jay called me at 7.36AM, said he wanted to be picked up as he was ready, was bored, and wanted to work. I was stupid enough to go get him, telling him that I hadn't fed the dogs or cats yet and that he had better not interrupt me or get under my feet. He starts prattling about some of his sob stories, and I told him that he had let 'those people' in his house, and I didn't want to hear about it. I was trying to get everything done, as I had more grooming to do, and of course he had to get in the way, rattling his head, as folks with ADD(attention-deficit disorder) do.

Finally I had the animals fed, two shifts of them taken out and in, and even on the one of those trips he had to come up the pathway to the doggie yard, and which made them all rush to the gate barking at him, instead of tending to business. Jay knows that is a no-no.

Then Jay says he will hang the cabinet doors in the Mirage. So I asked him to dry fit them first as Ray and I had already done that, and a little sliver need to be taken off one door for them to fit right. He didn't dry fit them, screwed the hinges on, so now we have holes in the doors that shouldn't be there. So he said that he would mow, and left the doogie yard gate open, another no-no. He had walked to the corner store "to get some cigarettes" while I was feeding the dogs, but I know that as soon as he was outside that store he was chuggalugging beer, by the way he was acting. He took MaeMae out on the side of the house with no fence, around the mower, another no-no, as I need to be informed where every animal is at all times. They certainly don't need to be around a mower. Princess, Ray and Shay's black Lab lost an eye that way. I was so disgusted that I took him home.

Ray was repairing my cage dryer cord, as the puppy, Puddin', had chewed on it, and he was just as glad as I was, to have Jay out of the way. So Ray finished up the mowing and then painted some more on the Coronado.

I was in such a befuddle that I thought it was Saturday today, and rushed to get to the vet's office before noon, to get MaeMae some more Kidney Diet food. I had looked on the internet about this medicine that they sold me yesterday, ($42.50), for MaeMae and it was for dogs that are throwing up, which she wasn't, and it certainly shouldn't be given to a dog with kidney problems. I took it with me and asked for a refund, which they refused. I still think it was prescibed for someone else's dog. So I have to have a go around (Brit for fight) about that.

Claudia is finally in a room at the hospital, but she will be staying at her daughter's in Houston when she gets out, so I have to do the best I can for MaeMae. There is no way that Claudia can live next door to Jay, right now.

I called Kenya, (my SPCA boss) and we talked about how this vet clinic had gone downhill since the orginal vet committed suicide, then his good office manager quit. All these temporary vets in there are trying to make as much $ as they can. So I am going back to my old vet in Conroe, which is one of the vets that the SPCA uses. It is a lot further to drive, but we are not getting the right care here.

This had not been a good day.

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