Sunday, May 10, 2009

Toxins and your Pets. Wendy and the Tiger Cub.

Another day that was going to be warm here in TX. I let Bobbiecat out on her porch for a while, but by noon I brought her in again.

So when am I going to get back to writing about fixing RV's? When we get back to working on them. Ray has been busy painting across the street, and Jay hasn't been fit to be
around the last few days.

I just did a few jobs around the house. Spoke to my daughter on the phone a couple of times. After I had been into town to the bank, and bought some great bargains at Kroger's, I stopped by the mail boxes down by the pool. I don't go there very often , as I try to do everything on line.

There was a letter from my daughter, and apart from the Mother's Day card, and a gift, there was a picture of her bottle feeding a tiger cub. She was grinning from ear to ear, just absolutely in her element. I managed to scan it, doesn't she look thrilled? I would be, too, but Wendy just adores all big cats.

On a somber note: Every time I read an article like this, I wonder if I contributed to my late little doggie's inoperable spleen cancer.

Then, toxins probably contributed to Claudia's liver cancer, and MaeMae's kidney health issues. Her cleaning lady uses a lot of toxic cleaners.
""Are you exposing your dog or cat to toxins in your home?
Think about all of the places your dog or cat walks around inside and outside of your home. Now consider some of the everyday products that you use-household cleaners, garden products, and more. Many of these products can pose a real health hazard to your furry friends. Full Article""

I resisted buying a cheesecake at the first store where the bank is, but I weakened at Kroger's where they had one slice of Key Lime Cheesecake on sale! I haven't had any cheesecake for years.

MaeMae ate some of the latest Kidney Diet food, so this is a good day.

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Steve and Maria Borba said...

Penny, if you haven't read "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson, do so. I did a huge research paper on this book and it was very enlightening. She was what the environmentalist movement would call: "the reason for the season".

I know I haven't been in chat - but I've been keeping up with your blog.

Take care -