Monday, May 4, 2009

MaeMae & Jakey to Vet. Claudia Not Doing Well.

I rushed around this morning getting myself and the animals fed, in and out, etc., so that I could take MaeMae and Jakey to the vet for the 9.00 appointment. Jay wanted to go with me. He was running late, as usual, so I had already been up the attic stairs, brought down two carriers, had the dogs loaded and buckled in the van, before I picked him up.

MaeMae's mouth and eye are all healed up. She was prescribed some pills for her tummy, $42.50, I don't know why, as she is fine. I think the vets are getting like the doctors, and just prescribe stuff willy-nilly. Except the vets office dispenses it right there, to make money.

Little 10 year old Jakey had blood drawn, and has to be on antibiotics for five days before his teeth cleaning on the 12th. His teeth have always been a problem. He didn't loose his baby teeth, and when his 'grown up' ones came in too, he had two layers. That was operated on a long time ago. But his little eyes have been tearing excessively lately, I thought it was due to his teeth, and it is. That is how MaeMae's started out, and we don't want his to get abscessed like hers did.

We brought the dogs home, took them all out, and in, again. Bobcat came in from the porch, and we took off for Conroe. Jay wanted to get a filter for his fish tank, and the vet had given me a prescription for a third brand of Prescription Kidney Diet for MaeMae, available at Petsmart. We went to Petco first, and it was a good thing we did, as they had just the filter that Jay needed, but they didn't have one like it at Petsmart. The Royal Canin food MaeMae was prescribed was not exactly the same name, so I have to ask the vet if what they have is OK. Then they have to fax Petsmart. Getting more and more like doctors, including their fees!

We went to the 99cent store, and picked up a few things, like new reading glasses for Jay. So that we wouldn't have to stop at Kroger on the way home, he also got some milk and TV dinners there. I took him home, and let him mess with the two new fish that he had bought at Petsmart.

I took the dogs out and in again, and then a quick lunch. I was going to bathe and finish grooming Sheba, but she was sleeping so peacefully in that cat cage that I didn't want to disturb her.

So I thought I would have one more try with feisty little Puddin'. I held the running clipper handle to her neck for a while so she settled down and she let me to some more to her coif. Actually she
was pretty good, and I praised the dickens out of her. But she would jerk every now and then, so she still doesn't have a 'straight face'.

Claudia is still not lucid, they can't get her pain meds right. No telling when she will be home, as she will probably go to her daughter's house when she leaves the hospital.

I am already late getting 11 little dinners ready, 12 including me,
so that is it for this warm day.

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