Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain, then Nice Day, But Busy.

Today was mostly a repeat of yesterday, except for a few things. First, it wasn't so hot or humid, after it rained. That always seems to clear the air a bit. Bobcat stayed out on the porch until 7.00 tonight.

I finally got all the eleven little breakfasts served. Ray wasn't here today, and I had to rearrange the dog room a bit. Precious had commandeered Sheba's pillow and the big cage, in the middle of the dog room. There was no way she would give it up without a fight, ...with me. And I bleed too easily. I put Sheba in her old favorite kennel cage with her Garfield bed. Now kennel cages are closed on three sides, and Sheba just wasn't getting enough air. I remembered this cage that we had built for Orange Glow, that he never used. I managed to drag it from the storeroom the other side of the RVport, into the dog room, and maneuver it up on top of the big cage in the middle of the floor. Of course, that made my back ache, but that is nothing new.

I got Sheba another pillow, put her in there and she doesn't cough as much, also I don't have to crawl inside the bottom cage to get her, to take her out. That is a big plus.

Then when Precious came back in from outside, she decided that she would rather have the kennel cage up in the far corner! She becomes a packet of grass seed when she is heat....she wants to be 'a lawn'. Normally the doors are not on the kennel cages unless a dog is locked up for some reason, but I slipped a door on it. Actually that worked out even better, as I have to lock Caesar up when I let her out of the kennel cage to take her and Sheba out, so I just tell Caesar to get in the big cage, which he does. So that was all sorted out.

Then it started thundering, Oh golly! Caesar and Punkie are scared of thunder. I got them calmed down after a while. I wanted to get Jakey's grooming finished, as Mindi wants me to take him to the vet tomorrow when I take MaeMae. But Jay called wanting MaeMae and me to take some Ich medicine down there for his fish. So off we went, when we got there Jay said he didn't want that brand, he wanted another one, so back we came, and got the other bottle. Jay goes to put the medicine in the tank, and it is all crystally, and so we had to come back here to get the first one!! By that time it was nearly lunch time, I still hadn't started on Jakey, and I was already worn out.

I thought that I would make myself a couple of cups of unleaded coffee and sit and relax for a minute, and the darned coffee maker quit!! So back over to the storeroom, and after going through some boxes of yard sale stuff, I found a little one. I knew it worked as I had tested it a month ago.

After lunch, I bathed Jakey and Puddin'. Upon trying to groom Jakey I discovered that the clipper blades that had just been sharpened, just weren't cutting. Also Jakey was doing his usual thing about stretching his front legs out as far as he could, flattening himself on the grooming table, wouldn't stand up, and wouldn't let me groom him. So I got Puddin', and she just jerked around, wouldn't hold still, so I haven't done anything to her face yet, so she looks like a clown wearing a ruff, with two furry ears sticking up. I am getting too old to cope with uncooperative dogs.

I got all the critters fed, and I'll just eat something cold out of the fridge, I don't even have the energy to warm it up today.

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