Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kew Gardens, London. Coronado Countertop.

MaeMae and I drove down to Jay's, but he took his sweet time about getting ready, we had to wait while he watered all his trees, and plants, and got the hose all wound up. Ray was already here, and working on the Coronado drip caps when we got back here.
Jay and I went up into my attic and got down any more pieces of thick foam board insulation that we could find. While we were up there, we also brought down a convection/toaster oven. I bought it to put in one of the RV's, but it was so heavy that I didn't think it would be practical. I had avoided putting it in my kitchen, until now, as it isn't white. But the beautiful white Farberware one that I bought a few weeks ago, isn't practical for me. It has a pre-set temperature setting, which seems to vary, according to my oven thermometer, and the shelf is not adjustable. If I warmed up anything I would have to put foil on it, to stop it from burning. Another white one I have doesn't have a timer, and I tend to get involved and forget about it, until the smoke alarms reminds me! On another white one, the mode setting knob seems to have gone wrong. The little lightweight white one I bought the other day, is for the Mirage. So I bit the bullet and put this black/brushed chrome one in the kitchen until I find a nice white one. I use a toaster oven and my little white microwave a lot more than my big convection/ microwave which is built-in, out of this picture, to the left.
Then Jay and I riveted some more reinforcements to the under belly, but it was too nice to be inside the Coronado trailer.
When we had taken the kitchen cabinets out, and dismantled the sink unit, we found that this part of the counter top was made of some kind of Masonite. I don't know if this was original, as I don't remember what was in there when I owned this trailer in the late 60's/early 70's, and then again in the late 80's. Yes, I have owned it twice before! But it was obvious that this Masonite was going to fall apart, so we cut the new counter top out of plywood so that it would be accurate. Then, as with a lot of things, we stored it in Pugsy, my 68 Venture motor home.
A couple of the drip caps had been stubborn about coming off the trailer, and the whole thing was built with straight slot screws!! But we got them off, so that Ray could continue. Needless to say, original or not, we are going back with Phillips head screws, anywhere that doesn't show. But we will re-use all the straight slot ones, where it does.
Back in the days when we would go into London, while I was living with my grandparents during the war, one place we would visit would be Kew Gardens. They had ducks, geese and even swans on the lake. One time we went with a wildlife association, and they told us about all the different types of ducks. I was too young to remember all the names, but I remember feeding them.
Kew Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens even has a palace, too, and lots of aviaries, and rain forest type glass pavilions. Kind of like Moody Gardens at Galveston, TX, only on a much larger scale.
Not everything is bigger in TX!
If you are interested, here is a lot of information about Kew Gardens, London.
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It is getting hotter, so had to use the AC today.

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