Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coronado Kitchen Cabinets Out.

The weather has been co-operating, and it hasn't been too hot.

Yesterday, we had the second part of the floor installed in the bedroom. Then Jay and I removed the cook stove, and started to remove part of the kitchen cabinets in the 47 Coronado.

<> Today, we removed the sink, faucet, plumbing, cabinet, trim, and cut off part of the wall, as it was messed up, and the floor under it needed to be replaced. Then we washed the underbelly, and left it to dry.

While we were doing this Rhonnie was grading the place out in front for the new brick pathway. This has always been a mud spot, and a nuisance when we needed to walk in front of the house from the workshop to the storeroom, which is at the back of the RVport.

We found out that we needed another length of strong screws for the floor installation, and some more paint stripper, so another quick trip into town again, today.

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