Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleaned Grooming Room. Food for MaeMae

Bobcat, MaeMae, the 2 foster cats, Mime and Patches, and I, are enjoying the peace and quiet without the other 7 dogs. There was one dog, Ceasar, that used to bark anytime he wanted. He drove me nuts. But usually if I picked up my spray bottle of water, he would quit and settle down.

I took this picture through the glass door last night. I caught Mime on my grooming table, watching "It's Me Or The Dog". I thought it was cute. I guess she is boning up on how to train dogs!

Ray called this morning, and said that he had to go to town with his grown-up son, who lives in the home the other side of me. I really needed to give the dog room a good clean, so when Jay called, all sobered up, I went to get him. He was very helpful and helped me move all four kennel cages, and the heavy hydraulic grooming table, so we could mop the whole place. I washed all the blankies and toys, so everything is nice and clean again.

We also took the big German Shepherd cage outside, disinfected it, hosed it down, folded it up and put it away in the dog room closet. I had used it to lock Ceasar up when I was going through there with Precious, the dog in season. We added some corner trim to the homemade cat cage that I had kept Sheba in. It is in the middle of the floor now, as it takes up a lot less space. The cats liked to lay on something in the middle of the dog room. If I do have to put an animal in there it will be easier for me, as we had made it with the hinged top.

I am still trying to find a Kidney Diet food that MaeMae will like. I stopped at the vet that tended MaeMae and got a copy of her bloodwork. So Jay and I went into the next town. He got a thermometer for his fish tank, and adopted a free cichlid parrot fish that was mismarked.
I talked to the vet's office there at Petsmart, and showed them MaeMae's blood tests. Finally, upon their recommendation, I bought some really good canned venison dog food, Blue Buffalo, to mix a little with the KD, so that she will eat it. So far that is working. I made sure that I got a food with no "By Products" in it.

It was a lot warmer, so I had to run the AC all day.

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